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Start Snacking! Biltong Baron


South Africans are generally an adventurous bunch. From safari to the winelands of Cape Town, they’ve figured a few things out when it comes to really living one helluva of a life. So meet the Biltong Baron and embrace his life mission to bring biltong to the masses in America. 

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What the heck is Biltong?

Biltong is South Africa’s arse-whoopin’ version of jerky.  But unlike jerky, it’s chemical-free and entirely wholesome for your protein-lovin’ (and amazingly svelte, athletic, crazy-fit) physique.  It dates back to the early pioneer days.  Picture covered wagons, the Indian spice trails and real huntsmen who truly relied upon nature with immense respect to feed their families.  Unlike jerky, Biltong is made with strips of actual beef (not odd bits of beef product), an array of spice explorations, vinegar and salt.  That’s it.  We’ve left out the bizarre additives because they don’t do your body good and they’re not needed to make a deliciously satisfying snack.  


Our Brand Promise

We aren't messing around with our products.  We only use [grass-fed, hormone free, USDA approved….] beef curated from sustainable suppliers.  We then add our own blend of spices and drying techniques to deliver on what we consider to be our sole purpose in the universe: to make a delicious, protein-rich, healthy snack that makes jerky look like a big chemical-laden clown in the world of snack food.  Biltong will never insult the company of an ice cold beer or G&T.  It’s often served as a bar snack and post-sport refuel snack because after you run that extra ten miles, protein is where it’s at.  If made correctly, it’s seriously delicious.  We promise you, we’ve put our hearts and souls into it.

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